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Recent Strides in Dyslexia Research

Here you will find articles and research about current Dyslexia happenings!


United States Department of Education: Guidance on Dyslexia

The Department of Education just released a document that is HUGE in the field of dyslexia! It outlines the relationship between IDEA and dyslexia and clarifies common misunderstandings about implementing educational practices for students with dyslexia.

The READ Act
This is an exciting time for those of us working with students with dyslexia! As of February 18, the READ Act was signed by the president into law. The READ Act requires the National science foundation to dedicate at least $2.5 million annually to research into dyslexia identification and remediation. Please review the following article for more information on the new legislation!

Research Resources:

The following sources provide updates on the latest research on dyslexia:

University of Michigan:

The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity:

Vanderbilt University:

University of Washington: